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11 November 2013
The Weirdest Houses/Buildings Ever Seen Posted at 5:15 PM 0 comments (+)
Hai semua! ^^v Hari ni sy nk share about "The Weirdest House/Buildings Ever Seen". Kalau nk tahu, mcm mana peliknya rumah/bangunan tu, sila scroll down ye! 

The Fallingwater House

Location: Pittsburgh, Philadelphia.
Who wouldn’t want a house overlooking a waterfall?! The Fallingwater House is exactly what it sounds like. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and is now a national Historic Landmark.

The Floating House

Location: Seattle, Washington.
A beautiful house floating on a body of water. It has 3 bedrooms inside, a boat lift and parking. It was once priced at $3.45 million!

The Mushroom House

Location: Perinton, New York.
If you want a quiet place to live this would be it! With concrete walls and exterior, you don’t have to think about any noise that may come from the street. The house itself consists of four 80-ton pods which rest on reinforced concrete stems of 14 to 20 feet in height. It was sold for $799,900 in February 2012. The initial price was $1.1 million. Remaining undisturbed comes at a price!


The Flintstones-like House

Location: Nas montanhas de Fafe, Portugal.
It has a front door, a roof, a couple of tiny windows and two large stones for both of its sides. It appears as if it was built inside a massive rock! Built in 1974, it was used as a family retreat. To this day it has no running water or electricity inside.

The Steel House
Location: Lubbock, Texas.
Designed by Robert Bruno, an architect and sculptor, it looks like a fantastic rusty creature made of 110 tons of steel. Bruno started building it in 1973, and it took him 35 years to complete. It’s been called “Metal Mansion” for years.

The Toilet-Shaped House

Location: Suwon, South Korea.
The mayor of Suwon actually built this house to mark the 2007 inaugural meeting of the World Toilet Association. It has a glass-walled bathroom at its center. The house was designed by Jae-Duck, who reportedly was born in a restroom. It has become his life’s work. Skyscraper sized plunger is somewhere near by probably too.

Free Spirit Tree Spheres

Location: Qualicum Beach, Canada.
A Canadian couple, Tom and Rosy Chudleigh, is offering these free-spirit houses all over the world.Equipped with plumbing, electricity and insulation, it can be nine to ten-and-a-half feet in diameter. It takes a crew about a day to install it in one of your fav trees. Looks comfy!

The Teapot Dome House

Location: Zillah, Wisconsin.
It was built in 1922, after the Teapot Dome scandal. It involved the secretary of the interior, Albert B., who was jailed for accepting bribes from oil companies that wanted access to government-owned oil fields. It has been moved several times since it was built by the architect Jack Ainsworth.

Pickle Barrel House

Location: Grand Marais, Michigan.
Owned by the cartoonist William Donahey, this pickle barrel house has two tales. At first its owners used it as a cottage home, but later it was moved to one of the central streets of Grand Marais. The local information center was located there.

The Shoe House

Location: Hellam, Pennsylvania.
Its creators could definitely win the best marketing idea of the year award. Originally designed in 1948 for the local shoe tycoon, Mahlon N.Haines, it aimed to advertise his shoes. Now it has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and new owners! Carleen Farabaugh says that she and her husband use this house as a summer home.

One Log House

Location: Garberville, California.
This house is actually the log of an old Redwood tree that grew more than two thousand years ago. First toiled in Eureka, California by two men, it was then transported to its current site by its new owner, Dan Baleme. To his surprise, it was still a functioning home. It can now be named one of the most creative mobile homes in the world, offering its owners a living room, a bedroom and a dining room.

The Boeing 727 House

Location: Benoit, Mississippi.
Joanne Ussary bought a used Boeing 727 for $2000, then spent another $4000 to move into it, and $24,000 on renovations. The stairs open with a garage door remote. The plane even has a personal Jacuzzi in the cockpit!

Spaceship House

Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Ever dreamed of becoming an astronaut? Forget about it. This 2000-square-foot spaceship house can totally make your dream come true, without all the training! Built by Curtis King in 1973, it has three bedrooms and is available for rent. You may want to check your credit before renting, though, it’s not cheap living the life of an astronaut!

The Nautilus

Location: Mexico City, Mexico.
This sea-shell inspired house was designed in 2006 by the architect Javier Sensonian. He specializes in so-called bio-architecture which results in houses designed in the forms of real sharks, snakes, and other creatures. A perfect match for sea lovers!

Everingham Rotating

Location: Taree, Australia.
This house offers something exciting for those who can’t stand to live at a slow pace. This house can rotate 360 degrees with the help of just a few buttons. Now you can adapt to the weather and turn the house so that a certain side faces the sun, for instance. Enjoy the sunset and sunrise from any room!

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